Basic Edits in Audacity

Audacity is a free, open source, audio recording program that can be downloaded here:

This assignment involves the basics of splicing one audio track to another.

Here are the audio files we used for this class assignment. (you could have the students edit any two audio files together)

Drag files into Audacity.

Wave form -- Zoom in/out

Volume Slider on left side of track -- not clipping

Slow downer control on right -- great listening for articulations!

  1. Selection tool " I "

  2. Clip start/end of the piece highlighting and delete. (leave about 3 seconds on both sides.

  3. Do a fade in under "Effect" or Highlight and use the "silence audio button" <Same at the end, silence and fade out.

  4. Import the "Tuba" file

  5. Clean up the front of the file like above

  6. ***These are two files that were never supposed to go together. Different keys and tempos!

  7. Use the <--> Tool to slide the tuba part to start at the same time.

  8. Use Solo and Mute button for playback.

  9. Obvious ABA form -- Copy and paste alternate (tuba) B section and paste into the other.

  10. Divide up into three separate tracks.

  11. Add Reverb in Effects

  12. Export as an MP3

There are many great tutorials on YouTube, Feel free to reach out to me if something doesn't make sense, I'm happy to help.


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